Vale Don Frearson

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Don Frearson died on January 2 after a long life – he was 100. Don was a MAWA member for many years and the top WA sprinter in his age group for the latter part of his running years . I recall one year when a group of MAWA athletes were on the same plane going to the AMA Championships. We and the crew of the plane made a fuss of Don as I think it was his birthday somewhere in his 80’s. A quick look at 2003 Perth AMA Championship results shows Don at 83 years placing in M80 100 (3rd) and 200 (2nd) just behind a couple of outstanding athletes from other states who were both in their first year in the age group. Don was a gentleman and always had a good word about others. We missed him when due to age he was unable to continue as an active athlete.