Perth 2016 May/June Update

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  • Registrations approaching 500
  • Sandy Pashkin, WMA, and Wilma Perkins, AMA, will visit Perth early September to finalise competition programme
  • New hammer cage and re-concrete of throws circles at ECAC will happen w/c 27th June
  • Stockpiling of athletic equipment to be used is essentially complete
  • Live streaming agreed for at least 2 competition days
  • Target of 150 officials now reached. Beginning the process of allocation
  • Bob Braid will officially measure marathon and road walk courses to IAAF standard
  • All marathon finishers will receive a commemorative medal
  • A marketing agreement has been signed with Channel 7 giving us coverage in the West and on TV. A TV commercial is being prepared featuring a female masters jumper and a male masters runner
  • Richard, Lynne and Gemma attended the Asian Masters Championships in Singapore. There was huge interest from Asian athletes. Concerns over the visa process were addressed
  • The Championships were successfully promoted at the Perth Marathon. Plans are in place to hand out flyers at all the Perth parkrun venues
  • Merchandise designs and plans were approved. Sample merchandise will be available to the LOC later in June
  • Medal design has been approved by WMA. Medals have been ordered.
  • Our Risk Management Plan has been approved
  • The Transportation Agreement with PTA has been signed. All registered athletes and accompanying persons will get free transport on PTA trains and buses
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony plans have been approved. City of Perth will sponsor the Opening Ceremony at Elizabeth Quay
  • There have been over 50 responses to the website call for volunteers

Perth 2016 February update

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– New discus cage is under construction at UWA. Discussions continue with Canning Council on the new hammer cage at ECAC
– Electronic scoreboard options will be reviewed during National Juniors, where the type of scoreboard we intend having will be in use
– Electronic timing and lap-scoring to be trialled at MAWA State Champs in March
– Invitations to overseas officials have been sent out
– Medical services have been booked
– AWA promotional visits to WA regional centres were enthusiastically received, with indications that the marathon and half marathon will be popular
– The contract for VenuesWest services has been signed
– Kirsten, Lynne and Richard will make a promotional visit to the Asia Masters Championships in Singapore in May
– We now have 2350 Facebook followers
– Posters and flyers will be printed and distributed this week
– Delays to registration opening have been caused by the late change of entry currency to Australian dollars. The problems have been resolved and entries will open very soon
– Volunteer registrations will open in April via the Perth 2016 website. MAWA members who wish to volunteer as helpers to T & F officials should apply directly to AWA
– Meetings held with Perth airport to discuss meet and greet arrangements
– Sponsorship agreement signed with Perth Integrated Health

Perth 2016 January Update

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-The electronic timing and lap-scoring equipment has been ordered. Electronic lap-scoring will be trialled in our State Championships 5000m on March 19th

-Alan Bell, Competition Director will visit Perth for discussions with the LOC in February. Alan will attend the Open State Championships at WAAS

– AWA and TriEvents will attend the AMA Championships in April to promote Perth 2016. The LOC will also attend the Asian Masters Championships in Singapore in May for promotional purposes

– Entries will open at the end of this month

– AMA Secretary is coming to Perth in March and will leave with us samples of the Australian Uniform for our members to try on.

Perth 2016 – December update

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  • Discus cage will be installed on McGillivray Oval
  • Negotiations are underway to install a new hammer cage at ECAC
  • Stocktake of throwing implements has been completed. Only a small number of additional implements are required
  • Work on online registration system is progressing well. The opening date will be agreed soon, and will be 2nd half January
  • Medal designs were reviewed and sample medals will be produced for the short-listed designs
  • Volunteer registrations will open in April 2016. To register your interest early, please email
  • Agreement reached that the TIC will be in Arena 2 at HBF Stadium
  • Cost for Athletes Party at Perth Zoo will be US$65 to include one free drink

Perth 2016 October update

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– The one year out event was held at the Bell Tower on 26th October, with speeches from Tourism WA Executive Gwyn Dolphin, WMA President Stan Perkins and MAWA athlete Lyn Ventris. Comment and photos are on the Perth 2016 Facebook page

– The one year out WMA Inspection Visit was held over 3 days in late October. The WMA team consisted of Stan Perkins, Sandy Pashkin, Serge Beckers and Margit Jungmann. The WMA team worked with the LOC team to review the athletics schedule and make some minor changes. The revised programme will be put on the Perth 2016 website.

– Agreement has been reached with WAMC for running the marathon

– Arrangements for the Athletes Party at Perth Zoo have been firmed up

– The travel agent contract was awarded to Motive Travel. Agreement on rates has been reached with 10 hotels, and discussions ongoing with a further 20+. Motive are receiving regular enquiries about accommodation

– Around 1700 athletes have signed up to the Perth 2016 facebook page

– Engineering reports on the Ern Clark hammer cage have been received. Decisions on the actions required by Perth 2016 should be made by year end.

Perth 2016 July update

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  • Discussions were held at ECAC on requirements to upgrade/repair the hammer cage
  • Some new equipment has been purchased at WAAS. Decision made that there will be no hire charge for poles
  • The plan for recruiting/training officials has been approved by LOC. It has a strong focus on using WA people
  • Motive Travel have been engaged as the official travel agent
  • The WMA one year inspection visit will be 25 – 27 October
  • Richard and Lynne will attend AMA AGM for Perth2016 discussions with delegates
  • Some delay to website but will be live soon. Facebook page is active
  • e-newsletter sent to the around 1300 people who have registered interest
  • Lyon booth design completed
  • Entry information booklet has gone to print
  • Options for welcoming ceremony and party were discussed at July LOC meeting
  • Dominic Staltari will be acting head of LOC while other LOC members are in Europe July and August

Perth 2016 eNewsletter

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Our Event Management Contractor, TriEvents, will produce regular editions of an eNewsletter which will appear on the Perth 2016 website and elsewhere. Here is a preview of newsletter 1. Click here

Perth 2016 June Update

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  • AWA/Bob Schickert have now completed the draft programme for inclusion in the Entry Information Booklet. The booklet will be finalised by end June, and be available at the Perth 2016 booth in Lyon.
  • Perth 2016 representatives attended the official opening of ECAC new track. A meeting will be held between AWA and Canning Council to discuss hammer cage upgrade
  • Now agreed that marathon and half marathon will be the same course as the Perth marathon. Meetings have been held with AWA and WAMC.
  • TriEvents marketing plan has been reviewed by the LOC and by Tourism WA
  • Plans are well advanced for the marketing activities in Lyon. Extra booth space has been taken to ensure that our event can be fully show-cased
  • Bids have been received for the WMA headquarters hotel and are being reviewed
  • A contract has been placed to re-build the Perth 2016 website. The new site and the Perth 2016 facebook page will be launched in the next 2 weeks
  • ‘Uniforms’ for LOC and those manning the Lyon booth were agreed
  • Meetings were held with City of Perth and Canning Council to discuss the impact of the event in their areas
  • Bob Schickert will be discussing Perth 2016 on Capital Radio 101.7 FM next Saturday at 8am

Perth 2016 May update

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This is the first of what will be monthly progress updates for MAWA. The updates can always be accessed from the NEWS tab.

• LOC organisation chart has been agreed – click here. MAWA members can either contact LOC members directly or use the contact facility on the Perth 2016 website. We are happy to receive ideas, answer questions or discuss any issues you have.
• Contracts with AWA for Competition Management and with TriEvents for Event Management have been signed
• There will be a WMA ‘one year out’ inspection visit 24th to 27th October
• Work is now advanced on preparing the Entry Booklet and this will be available in Lyon, or can be requested after that from the LOC.
• Current plan is still for entries to open in January
• Planning is well underway for the booth in Lyon, along with a major marketing effort. Dave Budge and Stephen Stingemore will both be in Lyon, and will meet with the WMA Council.
• The Perth 2016 website is being revamped and will be live in June
• The process for selecting the WMA Headquarters hotel is underway

Perth 2016 announcement

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The Local Organising Committee are pleased to announce that all key contracts and agreements relating to the management and governance of Perth 2016 WMAC have now been signed.

The event is supported by the State Government through Tourism WA

Athletics Western Australia will manage all aspects relating to actual competition, including the athletics programme, preparation of venues, hire/purchase of equipment and recruitment/management of officials.

A contract has been awarded to TriEvents WA for Event Management, to include all aspects other than those covered by AWA. Key work elements for TriEvents will be marketing, sponsorship, logistics, athlete village, athlete party, accommodation, transport, merchandise, communications, (including website), and publications.

An entry booklet with key information will be available from August 2015, while entries will open in January 2016

We know that many members are keen to be involved with the organisation of Perth 2016:

You may have an interest in developing skill as an official

You may have an area of expertise that could be valuable to the LOC

You may have ideas on possible sponsors we could approach

You may have ideas on championship format and content based on past experience

Or you may just want to offer your services as a volunteer

If any of these apply to you, please contact one of our local LOC members as listed below:

Richard Blurton 

Lynne Schickert 

Bob Schickert    

Geoff Brayshaw