State Championships Pentathlons 2014

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We carried out an email survey to our pentathletes regarding the venue for the 2014 State Championships pentathlons. An impressive 75% of you took the time to respond. 27 of you preferred to pay a higher entry fee and be at WAAS. 11 preferred ECAC, while 7 expressed no preference.

In view of this strong preference for WAAS, we have made a booking at WAAS for the pentathlons on Saturday 15th March, 2 weeks prior to the main weekend. WAAS is not available 22nd March because of Little A’s Championships.

MAWA 40th Anniversary

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MAWA celebrates 40 years in 2014. To mark this achievement there will be a birthday party after the McCallum Lakes run on February 9th. The party will also feature the launch of Christine Oldfield’s book, written to celebrate this anniversary. The programme of activities for the event, and details of how to order your copy of the book, will be published much nearer the time.

Sunday Run Photos

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After a long absence we will now be regularly posting Sunday run photos on the website. They are on the Photo Gallery page on the Road tab, and are filed in discreet galleries for each run. The club now owns a camera, and Lorraine Lopes has kindly agreed to take the camera home each week and upload selected photos to the website. If Frank or Vic are not available to take the photos, she may ask a non-running member to test their photographic skills. Enjoy.

2014 OMA Championships Bendigo

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OMA Championships will be held in Bendigo, Victoria on January 4-12, 2014.  A link to the OMA Bendigo website is on the AMA website.  Entries open on June 11.

RRC and RWC Results

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Congratulations to Kim Thomas and Lisa Searle on winning the men’s and women’s Road Running Championships and to Paul Martin and Valerie Millard on taking the Road Walking Championships. Click on the link for the full results. RRC and RWC 2013

June vetrun now available

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The June vetrun is now on the website. The quick link is at the bottom of the sidebar

Postal Relay Certificates

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The AMA Board decided last September that from 2013 there would be no certificates for Postal Relays. However, they forgot to tell the member clubs of this decision, so we only found out last week when we enquired as to the whereabouts of the certificates.

Constitutional change to financial year end

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The Department of Commerce has approved the constitutional change to financial year end made at the AGM.  The financial period this time will he a period  of 15 months to 30 June 2014.  At this stage, we are planning to hold the 2014 AGM in July, but will revisit this as the time gets closer to ensure we do not clash with any member activities.

The revised Constitution, as amended on 9 May 2013, is linked here and appears on the About Us page. MAWA Constitution 2013

Val Millard, Secretary

AMA Postal Relay Results 2013

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AMA postal relay results 2013 now on AMA website under Past Results

May Vetrun Now Available

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Vetrun May 2013The latest edition of Vetrun in now available for download in both high and low resolution.

Please go to the magazines menu or alternatively click here.

Inside you will find the usual columns as well as the minutes from the AGM and results from

  • 3Ps Point Walter
  • X Pagoda
  • 10km Track Handicap
  • Bunbury 3-Waters Festival