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WA Athletics Stadium

Nestled in Perth’s inner west, the Western Australian Athletics Stadium (WA Athletics Stadium) was designed to international standards by Cox Architects, one of Australia’s largest and most respected architectural firms. The stadium opened in May 2009 and is one of the State’s newest sporting facilities, having hosted the 2010 AMA National Championships and the 2016 WMA Outdoor (Stadia) Championships.

The design takes advantage of the weather, particularly the wind direction, which athletes love because it gives them the opportunity to record fantastic times.

  • A nine-lane, 400 metre Mondo surface track (Class 1 – IAAF standard)

  • Two 12-lane, 110 metre sprint straights (front and back)

  • Floodlighting for night events

  • Full Swiss (OMEGA) timing and placing equipment

  • Changing rooms with showers

  • Adequate toilets

  • First aid treatment room

  • Canteen facility

  • Two Shot Put circles

  • Two Training Shot Put circles

  • Two Discus Circles (convertible for Weight Throw)

  • One Hammer Circle

  • Two Javelin Sectors

  • Two High Jump facilities

  • Six Long Jump/Triple Jump facilities

  • Six Pole Vault facilities

Other Venues

A warm up area at UWA Sports Park, as well as both non-stadia courses at Alderbury Reserve/Perry Lakes Reserve, are within walking distance from the WA Athletics Stadium. Toilet and shower facilities are available in the reserves and all internal roads are closed for the events. The courses will be similar to that used at the WMA Stadia Championships in 2016. Medal presentations for both events will take place at the nearby hockey club pavilion.

Medals and Awards

The first three Australians in each event will receive a medal. Masters athletes from other countries may compete and if placed will receive an appropriate medal. In this case the first 3 Australians will still receive medals.

Medals will be presented as close to the conclusion of an event as possible.

Special awards will be presented for:

  • Champion of Champions Sprint Male & Female

  • Champion of Champions Throws Male & Female

  • Royce Foley Award Male & Female – for best score by an Australian in the Throws Pentathlon

  • Brian Foley Award – for best performing male or female in the 800m or 1,500m

  • Athlete of the Meet Certificate (Sprints/Hurdles) – awarded to the athlete achieving the best age graded performance in sprints and hurdles.

  • Athlete of the Meet Certificate (Middle Distance/Steeplechase) – awarded to the athlete achieving the best age graded performance in middle distance/steeplechase.

  • Athlete of the Meet Certificate (Distance) – awarded to the athlete achieving the best age graded performance in distance events.

  • Athlete of the Meet Certificate (Walks) – awarded to the athlete achieving the best age graded performance in walks.

  • Athlete of the Meet Certificate (Jumps) – awarded to the athlete achieving the best age graded performance in jumps events.

  • Athlete of the Meet Certificate (Throws) – awarded to the athlete achieving the best age graded performance in throws events.

Awards Dinner and Forum Information

We don’t want to waste this valuable time we have together! The Awards Dinner and the forums are a fun way to build knowledge and friendships across the country, and to recognise those in our community who are leaders and champions of our sport.

More details are coming shortly. Stay Tuned!!!

Athletes Forum

Friday, April 27

The Athletes Forum will be held at 2pm on Friday 27th April at the Stadium. It is an opportunity for all athletes to discuss matters of interest and concern, both amongst themselves and with AMA Board Members.

Awards Dinner

Saturday Evening, April 28
The Awards Dinner will be held on Saturday 28th April at The Forrest Centre, 221 St George’s Tce, Perth. Doors open 6.30pm, Start 7pm, Presentations from 8pm, Close 10pm. Buffet dinner provided with a cash bar in unique enclosed atrium. Tickets must be ordered prior to 19th April to avoid missing out on this opportunity to celebrate Masters Athletics in Australia for the 2017-2018 season.

General Information

Rules of Competition

Competition will be conducted under IAAF, WMA and AMA rules subject to any special rules adopted by the LOC.  An athlete’s entry signifies their agreement.

Venue Specific Rules

Site specific rules will be detailed in the Athlete’s Handbook provided. Please ensure you’re familiar with all rules and requirements of your event and surroundings.

Drugs & Drug Testing

AMA subscribes to the Anti-Drugs policy advocated by WMA. Testing may take place. Refer to the AMA website for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, (TUE), requirements.

Bone Fide Effort

The previous AMA rule about the need for athletes to run most of a running event has been replaced by the more general IAAF rule requiring athletes to ‘compete honestly with bona fide effort’.


Entry is open to anybody over the age of 30 years and registered with an affiliated athletics association. Competitions are based on age groups of 5 year increments. Your age group is determined by your age on the first day of competition.

Australian entrants must be members of a State or Territory Club. There is provision on the entry form for Western Australians to take out a temporary membership covering the period of the Championships.

International athletes are allowed to compete, but must provide proof that they are a registered member of an overseas masters athletics organisation, and must provide proof of age. Such athletes will be awarded medals but are not eligible to win an Australian title.

The Championships cater for all athletes, male and female, including paraathletes, in five year age groups starting at thirty years. There is no separate provision, award or record category for paraathletes.

Uniforms & Numbers

Australian athletes must wear their approved state uniform, and this includes West Australian temporary members. West Australians can use this link to order uniforms from the MAWA shop. https://shop.emlsports.com/mawa/

Numbers must be attached front and back except for the high jump and pole vault, (where one number may be worn front or back), and throws events, (where one number should be worn on the back).


Any protests concerning an athlete’s right to compete must be lodged with the Referee before the start of the relevant event. If the matter is not promptly resolved, the athlete in question shall be allowed to compete “under protest” pending a subsequent decision.

Any protest arising from the competition shall be made to the Referee not later than 30 minutes after completion of the relevant event. Any appeal against the Referee’s decision shall be in writing to the Jury of Appeal and accompanied by a deposit of $50 which shall be forfeited if the appeal is considered frivolous, returned if upheld and otherwise at the discretion of the jury.

, Reporting and Clashes

  1. Competitors in track events up to and including 400m, where the Competition Programme shows that heats are scheduled, must sign in at least 90 minutes prior to the advertised heat time. Athletes who do not sign in at this time will be unable to participate. Sign-in is not required for the final. Sign in sheets will be available on the day prior to competition.
  2. Athletes in events without heats and all field event athletes are not required to sign in.
  3. Athletes in non-laned track events will need to collect a hip number to be pinned on the right side of the shorts prior to their event.
  1. All track competitors must report to their event marshal 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time of their event.
  2. Pole vault competitors should report 30 minutes prior to the advertised start time of their event.
  3. Throws and jumps competitors should report 20 minutes prior to the advertised start time of their event.
  4. Athletes competing in Multi events should report 20 minutes prior to the advertised start time of their event.

Any athlete who has a clash between track and field events must report to the field event judge first to confirm their intention to compete. Track events take precedence over field.


The UWA Sports Park may be used for all general and track warm up. Warming up on the back straight is not permitted.

Throwers and jumpers will be given, within timetable constraints, reasonable time to prepare for their event at the facility. This would normally mean two warm up trials.


Spikes may be ceramic or metal and must not exceed 7mm. They must be of the Christmas Tree or Pyramid shape – ie blunt ended. Sharp spikes are not permitted.

Adverse Weather

In the event of adverse weather conditions that may affect the safety of athletes, the Competition Director has the authority to halt, delay, defer, change or cancel affected events.


Only officials and competitors are allowed on the infield. Competitors and officials must move around the outside of the track when proceeding from one side of the ground to the other. Safety officers will be appointed and all competitors are required to obey any rulings given.


There will be a range of merchandise and competition apparel available for purchase. Stocks will be limited, and so we recommend that you place your order when you register. Subject to availability, pre-ordered merchandise can be exchanged for a different size. 

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