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Event News

Stay up to date with news and stories from the competition.

Cross Country & Road Walk Courses

Cross Country & Road Walk Courses are now set The Cross Country course is a 2k loop.  Under 70 will complete 4 laps for 8k and 70+ will complete 3 laps for [...]

Endangered numbats

The numbat.       Our Championship emblem, the numbat, is now one of 12 endangered marsupials that is rarer than the giant panda. In the Dryandra forest in WA numbers are [...]

Lap Scoring

Electronic Lap Scoring to be used at Championships   Lap scoring is always the bane of organisers of masters track distance races. You can’t get enough of them, many are not very [...]

UWA Sports Park

UWA Sports Park Increased Facilities. Throwers will be pleased to hear that agreement has just been reached with University of Western Australia to use their discus cage for these championships. The cage [...]

Athlete News

Learn about some of the heros we will have at the Championships. They may be World Class in our sport, or overcome amazing feats to return to competition or they may be a wonderful character and contributor to our community.

Miscellaneous News

From time to time, we may have some other information that may be of interest to you.