50km RRC

These two trophies are for the winners (male and female) of the overall 50km Road Running Championship. All three events; the RRC 10k, 15k & 25k, must be completed.
A list of the winners appears below:

Year Men Women
1987 Frank Smith Tina Carman
1988 Bob Schickert Marg Forden
1989 John Pressley Marg Forden
1990 Derek Hoye Peggy Macliver
1991 Doug Hazell Kath Penton
1992 Bob Schickert Pauline Wilshire
1993 Bob Schickert Marg Forden
1994 Dave Read Jill Chambers
1995 Mike Cousins Jill Chambers
1996 John West Robin King
1997 John West Val Millard
1998 Chris Maher Sue Vetten
1999 Bert Carse Margaret Langford
2000 Stephen Dunn Anne Shaw
2001 John Allen Marg Forden
2002 John Allen Shirley Bell
2003 Chris Maher Julie Keeley
2004 Stephen Dunn Gillian Young
2005 Gary McLean Helen Lysaght
2006 Stephen Dunn Helen Lysaght
2007 Brett Roach Gillian Young
2008 Brett Roach Gillian Young
2009 Brett Roach Karen March
2010 Brett Roach Karen March
2011 Brett Roach Gillian Young
2012 Kim Thomas Lisa Searle
2013 Kim Thomas Lisa Searle
2014 Kim Thomas Bernadette Benson
2015 Kim Thomas Sue Bourn
2016 Kim Thomas Clare Wardle
2017 Kim Thomas Rochelle Rodgers
2018 Kim Thomas Elizabeth Gomez
2019 Kim Thomas Clare Wardle