Curtin Uni Walk Handicap

These two trophies are for the winners (male and female) of the Aquinas Walk Handicap. Introduced in 2002, it is organised in conjunction with the Andy Wright Trophies. Until 2011 this was a sealed handicap over 10km. From 2012 it has been a 5km walk handicap. A list of the winners appears below:

2002 Rex Bruce Val Millard
2003 David Brown Val Millard
2004 David Brown Val Millard
2005 David Brown Val Millard
2006 Merv Moyle Val Millard
2007 Stan Jones Lynne Schickert
2008 Peter Ryan Linda Rhodes
2009 Bob Fergie Dorothy Whittam
2010 Bob Fergie Jeni Shillington
2011 John Smith Michele Mison
2012 Mike Rhodes Rosa Wallis
2013 Ray Hall Lynne Schickert
2014 Ray Hall Rosa Wallis
2015 Bob Fergie Sarah Ladwig
2016 Ray Hall Joan Pellier
2017 Ray Hall Deb Wolfenden
2018 Johan Hagedoorn Erika Blake
2019 Victor Munoz Elaine Dance