State Record Claim Form

To be used from October 1st 2017 to claim a state record in track and field, or road (if course has been certified).

AUSTRALIAN RECORDS must still be claimed by filling in the AMA form which can be downloaded from the AMA website. The form must then be forwarded to Barbara Blurton along with all supporting evidence.

Note that any record performances set at MAWA, AMA or WMA championships do not need a claim form.


  • Alert officials if you think you may break a record so that 3 hand held times are taken, wind gauge reading (sprints, short hurdles and horizontal jumps) is taken or steel tape is available as necessary.
  • Make sure results sheets are signed by field officials, wind gauge operators, timekeepers.
  • If the meeting was not run by MAWA nor AWA then all supporting evidence should be scanned and uploaded along with this form – ie field event results sheet signed by 2 officials, signature of timekeeper on track result sheets and wind gauge operator’s signature where required.

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