ECAC – January 30 Throws competition


in Track & Field Results

Throws Pentathlon
Michelle Krokosz W35 2183
Andrea Penny W45 1090
Jenn Parker W50 3006
Sue Coate W55 2804
Bev Hamilton W75 3624
John Fettus M45 3284
Todd Davey M55 4070*
Garry Parker M55 1390
Tim Lyons M55 543
Andrew Ward M60 2848
Ossi Igel M70 3629
Mike Anderson M70 575
56lb Weight Throw
Michelle Krokosz W35 2.86m
Jenn Parker W50 2.59m
Sue Coate W55 2.66m*
Bev Hamilton W75 1.73m*
Garry Parker M55 3.62m
100lb Weight Throw
Michelle Krokosz W35 1.34m*
Andrea Penny W45 1.14m*
Jenn Parker W50 1.28m
Sue Coate W55 1.05m*
Bev Hamilton W75 0.75m*
John Fettus M45 3.74m*
Garry Parker M55 2.22m
Ossi Igel M70 2.30m
Super Weight
Michelle Krokosz (35lb) W35 4.80m*
Andrea Penny (35lb) W45 3.19m
Jenn Parker (25lb) W50 6.45m
Sue Coate (25lb) W55 5.54m
Bev Hamilton (16lb) W75 7.13m*
John Fettus (56lb) M45 6.92m
Garry Parker (56lb) M55 3.46m
Andrew Ward (44lb) M60 5.30m*
Ossi Igel (35lb) M70 8.37m
Heavy Weight Pentathlon
Michelle Krokosz W35 1895
Jenn Parker W50 3072
Sue Coate W55 2847*
Garry Parker M55 1501
Andrew Ward M60 2515


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