WAAS – March 19 2019


in Track & Field Results

David Graieg M35 54.3
Campbell Till M60 61.0
Ian Hannaby M50 61.1
Stuart Manning M40 64.4
David Adams M40 70.3
David Baird M75 77.7
Barrie Kernaghan M75 86.1
Johan Hagedoorn M75 1:38.3
Juliana Kelly W50 79.1
Carmel Meyer W55 80.7
Delia Baldock W55 1:33.1
Alan Gower M60 5:10.3
Jannie Baard M50 5:13.2
Rob Cattrall M60 5:29.6
Roscoe McDonnell M60 5:39.2
Paul Scott-Taylor M60 6:14.2
Julie Gaglia W40 6:15.2
Karyn Gower W55 6:38.1
David Baird M75 7:01.2
Milton Mavrick M65 7:14.1
Des Walsh M60 8:28.9
1500m walk
Peggy Macliver W70 10:43.1
Sylvia Byers W80 12:29.2
100m (wind +0.6)
Paul Jeffery M45 11.8
Gin Ang M55 13.0
Ian Hannaby M50 13.4
David Adams M40 14.3
Irwin Barrett-Lennard M85 22.2
100m (wind +1.1)
Cathy McCloskey W55 14.7
Des Walsh M60 15.4
Juliana Kelly W50 15.4
Greg Kennedy M70 16.6
Barrie Kernaghan M75 n/t
100m (wind +0.8)
Julie Gaglia W40 15.4
Carmel Meyer W55 16.8
Isaiah Manning Vis 17.8
Myree McGoldrick W55 18.3
Gay Wyatt W65 19.1
Tory Gaglia Vis 20.9
Alan Gower M60 19:35.6
Paul Scott-Taylor M60 21:42.4
David Brook M55 21:52.5
Ian Hannaby M50 23:00.7
David Adams M40 25:05.5
David Baird M75 25:14.4
Milton Mavrick M65 26:56.2
Roscoe McDonnell M60 11:45.0
David Graieg M35 11:55.3
Rob Cattrall M60 11:56.4
Stuart Manning M40 12:47.8
Alan Gray M55 13:11.8
Karyn Gower W55 14:08.3
Irwin Barrett-Lennard M85 20:20.2
3000m walk
Johan Hagedoorn M75 20:22.5
Peggy Macliver W70 22:17.2
Long Jump
Paul Jeffery M45 6.03m
Dave Wyatt M65 4.14m
Gay Wyatt W65 3.41m
Norm Richards M80 3.24m
Carol Bowman W60 2.87m
Triple Jump
David Graieg M35 11.73m
Gay Wyatt W65 7.00m
Paul Jeffery M45 50.02m
David Graieg M35 42.86m
Paul Foley M50 40.99m
Julie Gaglia W40 29.12m
Sue Coate W50 25.56m
Phil Smyth M70 25.19m
Des Walsh M60 22.65m
Isaiah Manning Vis 20.23m
Lisa Limonas W50 19.31m
Norman Stanger M80 17.40m
Greg Kennedy M70 16.72m
Rob Shand M85 15.71m
Gay Wyatt W65 12.54m
Tory Gaglia Vis 9.19m
Sue Coate W50 21.12m
Norman Stanger M80 20.63m


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