Guess Own Time

These two trophies are for the winners of the GOT run. The main trophy is for the long run or walk and was first presented in 1991. A second trophy was introduced in 2003 for the winner of the short run or walk. Before the race, competitors nominate the time they expect to run or walk the course. The winner is the person who completes the course closest to their nominated time.
A list of the winners appears below:

YearLong RunShort Run
1991Jim Greenfield 
1992Jackie Halberg 
1993Stan Lockwood 
1994Noela Medcalf 
1995Cathrin Holland 
1996Jackie Billington 
1997Bob Schickert 
1998Brian Foley 
1999Dave Willmer 
2000Kirt Johnson 
2001Blakeney Tindall 
2002Jenny Barnes 
2003John DoustLynne Schickert
2004Roger WalshElaine Ellard
2005Bob SchickertPaul Burke
2006Jim LangfordPaul Burke
2007Bob SchickertHelen Lysaght
2008Paula KarraDave Roberts
2009John CollierTom Tralau
2010Karen MarchBob Fergie
2011Chris ReidDelia Baldock
2012Don PattinsonJo Clarkson
2013Ian CarsonGillian Young
2014Prabuddha NicolIrwin Barrett-Lennard
2015Erica BlakeRochelle Airey
2016John RangerMark Hewitt
2017Lui CecottiPhil Smith
2018Jim KlingeJim Barnes
2019Bob SchickertGary Fisher
2020Cancelled Cancelled
2021Lachlan MarrGinny Mulvey
2022Bob SchickertAlan Gray
2023Lui CecottiBob Schickert


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