Welcome To Masters Athletics W.A.

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Next run: Sunday December 8: Mosman Park – 10.5k/5.25k – 7am.

Visitors are always welcome at MAWA events for a small fee ($5)

The object of our club is to encourage and promote Masters Athletics, general fitness, and to provide opportunities for training and competition.

To see what Masters Athletics WA (MAWA) offers, head over to the about us page.

Over 30? Why not join us?

Membership is open to men and women 30 years of age and over.

2019 Handicap Trophy

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With the most exciting finish in years coming to a crescendo, five members, all on the verge of superstardom battled it out to win the most coveted prize of them all, the Handicap Trophy.

The name of the game is finishing positions, and today it wasn’t about finishing ahead of your rival, it was about finishing far enough up in the field of 60 runners…..

At the start of the day, Andrew Grosas lead the trophy charge, with Elizabeth Gomez, Rohan Thompson and Milton Mavrick all within 3 points and well within striking distance…. and don’t forget John Fisher, a lofty 20 points in arrears, but still capable of a last minute surge.

A top 5 finish would have sealed the trophy for any of the top four, though if they couldn’t manage that, it opened the door for John Fisher who then had to finish in the top 20 to jump all contenders and claim the trophy.

The top five positions came and went, with Rohan Thompson the first contender home, who came in a credible eighth.

It was now down to John Fisher, with 17 runners already having crossed the line, turning final, crossing the bridge, John was in a full sprint with Milton Mavrick, who I’m sure tried to push him into the river, (maybe a little editorial lenience here).

Milton using his well sharpened elbows kept John at bay, but it didn’t stop John’s doggedness, and with a personal best time of 46.46 finished in 20th place, thereby wrenching the trophy from Andrew Grosas’s grasp by one point.

Congratulations to John on a fabulous run and becoming the 2019 Handicap Trophy Champion

Winner John Fisher (#1167)

2nd Andrew Grosas (#1707)

3rd Rohan Thompson (#1781)

2020 Sunday Programme Revised

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As a result of AMA decision to adopt a postal approach for the 2020 Half Marathon Championships, some minor changes have been made to the programme. The revised programme is now on the website. There is no club run on 24th May as many members like to do the HBF Run for a Reason. A Club Half Marathon will be held at Deepwater Point on 31st May. There are 3 half marathons that qualify for the AMA Championship, and these are listed on the programme. Members can select a maximum of 2. Entries will open for this Championship in February.

December vetrun

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The new vetrun magazine is now available. Head to the Magazines Tab to download the High or Low Res version

World Masters Rankings

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Many of you will know of this excellent Rankings database, and some of you will have taken out the $25 personal subscription.

AMA has come to an agreement with the site organiser to provide full access to all members of clubs affiliated to AMA. This is initially a one year trial funded by AMA and starting on 1st January 2020. If you use the email address registered with MAWA you can set a password and gain access.

AMA will consider at the AGM in August whether to continue with this subscription into the future. If we do it will add $3 to the capitation fee that we pay for every affiliated club member.

Exciting climax to handicap trophy

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We can look forward to a thrilling Canning Caper this year as it is the final race in the 2019 Handicap Trophy and five members can win the Trophy:

Andrew Grosas (#1707)

Elizabeth Gomez (#1716)

Milton Mavrick (#193)

Rohan Thompson (#1781)

John Fisher (#1161)

MAWA Membership

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The form for renewal/membership for 2020 is now available

November TFNL

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The latest issue of TFNL can be accessed from the magazine tab. Download the PDF or access it from the virtual bookcase.

Committee Summary November 2019

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  • Welcome to new members Pam Thonell and Silke Peglow
  • Committee roles agreed. Janne will continue with trophies, Pam will be Sunday run co-ordinator, Silke will do Sunday equipment and share visitor table with Andrew, Mark will continue with track and field
  • Mark Kerr will handover facebook administration to Silke, Maureen Kershwar and Jenn Parker
  • Super Heavy Weight introduced as a new MAWA event – ask a thrower if you don’t know what that is
  • Melbourne Cup Lunch reported to have been very successful
  • Membership year will be changed to 1st October to 30th September to align with AWA track and field season. An email will be sent to all members with further explanation
  • Generous donation received from Ray Gimi estate – looking to have a trophy or event named in his memory. Ideas welcome
  • Following AGM discussion the committee confirmed that we will not pursue the idea of a clubroom for Sunday runs, but will focus efforts to have a clubroom at the new athletics facility being considered by Canning Council to replace ECAC
  • MAWA supports AMA plan for the National Half Marathon Championship to be a postal event.
  • Considered AMA proposal to eliminate the 60m event from the National Championships and committee was split 4/4. This has been fedback to AMA

Track and Field Coaching

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Our 2019 – 2020 programme is now fully up and running with details on the website, right sidebar.
We have some first class coaches and attending these sessions is completely free to members. So take advantage and improve your skill and your performances.

Sausage Sizzle

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Apologies our sausage sizzle at Safety Bay did not go to plan as the BBQ’s weren’t working.

So you don’t miss out Elaine will be putting on a sausage sizzle at next Sunday’s run at Garvey Park for everyone to enjoy.