Registering a result in two Sunday runs

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Once again following the Aquinas run, questions have been asked as to whether athletes are allowed to go through the chute to register more than one race result.

This has been previously clarified by the committee, but the policy is repeated below:

1. For non-handicap runs

Runners may only register one run. They are not allowed in a multi-lap event to go through the chute for a shorter run and then go back on the course for a further lap and then go through the chute again to register a time for a longer run

2. For handicap runs

If an athlete can complete the shorter run off scratch and still be ready in time to go off their handicap in the longer run, then they may go through the chute and register a time for the short run, and then also go through the chute to register a time for the handicap run. If an athlete intends doing that, then could he/she please let the recorder know before the start of the run.