Track and Field Programme Revised

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On 6th October VenuesWest announced that the re-surface of WAAS would be postponed for a year.

As a consequence we have booked the venue and will start a track and field programme at WAAS every Tuesday commencing on 12th October at 6:30pm. Our thanks go to David Adams, Mike Anderson and Mark Dawson for agreeing to run the event.

A revised Summer Programme is now on the website. Note that the throws programme at ECAC has been substantially revised to reflect the fact that we now also have throws on a Tuesday.

We have been unable to arrange for anyone to officiate at jumps and throws on a Tuesday, so athletes wishing to do the field events will have to self-organise.

Patron’s Trophy requires a ‘level playing field’ at both venues with good timekeeping and judged field events. For this year we can’t be sure this will be achieved at WAAS and hence the Patron’s Trophy will be at ECAC only.