Vale Morris Warren

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Below is Bob Schickert’s tribute to Morris.

Morris initiated, and for many years did all the statistical work for, in my view, one of the best competition ideas that MAWA has. The road running championship idea from Morris commenced operation in 1987 and is still going strongly.  It was extended shortly after 1987 with a road walking championship and in more recent years short course events.

The annual starting date of early May brings the better distance running/walking weather for Sunday events in Perth and I have always looked forward to the commencement which is this year from Sunday May 1 at the Weir run.

The 10 K, 15 K and 25 K each two weeks apart provide a great build up to the marathon or a great challenge if members do not generally do the longer distances. They also provide strong  competition between the distances runners and walkers both male and female. The long road walking championship held with the road running events is now 5 K, 10 K and 15 K.

Morris and wife Margaret were race directors for the Joondalup run for some years. Originally with gravel and sandy paths through the bush and hills the course was more testing than the current event on the bitumen path.  I recall at one event being lost and coming across Frank Smith staggering out of the bush as he was also lost.

In recent years Morris and Margaret have not attended MAWA events due to declining health. For many years they were regulars.